Stock market sentiments analyzer


A flask based application for fetching the most trending stocks from r/wallstreetbets and market sentiments around it

Problem Statement

Forces that typically dictate and move stock prices include things like inflation, economic strength, supply and demand. However, in 2021 we saw that social media platforms played a key role in the stock market, namely Reddit. The problem is that social media platforms and their users are having a growing impact on the movement of stock prices however there is no platform that measures these sentiments of these social media sites and allows users to take this information into consideration when they choose to invest.
These questions are daunting, but as all seasoned traders know there exists a lighthouse to guide investors in this complex sea of information: r/wallstreetbets. As aspiring investors ourselves, we find this subreddit to be the pinnacle of high-quality, unbiased information


A platform that compiles all the accurate and well thought out information in real time from a well recognized forum i.e. reddit into simple, concise, and easy to consume information by leveraging market sentiments achieved using natural language processing algorithms. Users will be provided the top trending stocks from r/wallstreetbets along with the latest market sentiments, users will also have the functionality to search for specific stock’s performance & market sentiments and will also be able to save them for future references